Safety is our priority!

This year we were honored with the 2018 CRAC Safety Award. It is a definite moment of pride as we have worked hard to do the best we can in every respect. It is our goal to offer experienced service with a priority on safety. ABCO employees have an ongoing commitment to doing their job safely and efficiently. /safety is our priority As a crane rental company the level of risk everyday is high. Working with mobile cranes of any size increases the danger on any work site and this is why we take safety seriously. Sometimes crane safety is about the obvious like following load charts and proper rigging practices but sometimes it is less obvious, like obstructions in the lifting zone or soft ground surface. ABCO’s safety policy is always to use forethought and plan, plan, plan. We are extremely proud to accept this years award and appreciate the Crane Rental Association of Canada for their acknowledgement.

There is a great deal that goes into crane safety beyond the obvious, which is what most focus on. But for us we understand that safety is about the things we do not see. It is not the colour of the crane. There are a lot of moving parts and mechanical devices on a crane and all of those pose a threat to the operations and safety. That is why we work hard to teach and train our operators on all aspects of crane operation. They need to learn how mechanical features relate to their trade. More importantly they need to know how they can problem solve mechanical issues on the fly because new or old all working equipment is bound by the wear of operation, weather and limitations. We also know the importance of having versatile skill set with an ability to solve problems.

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