Devern grew up in Nova Scotia as the oldest of three children. His mother a dedicated housewife graciously managed everything on the home front while Devern’s father worked as a Journeyman Crane Operator.

Life was different in the 70’s and 80’s and from the time Devern could walk he was tagging along with Dad on every trip he could. Of course school slowed down the time father and son spent together but there was always weekends and holidays.

By the time Devern was 12 years old he started to get his hands dirty and enjoyed more opportunity to be around those amazing and powerful pieces of equipment he saw his father operate for so many years.

As Devern grew so too did his love of Cranes. It wasn’t long before Devern was working alongside his father as an apprentice with more hands on experience than any apprentice today could imagine. Devern became a Journeyman Crane operator in 1988. He moved to Alberta in 1992 as work for crane operators in Nova Scotia became increasingly rare. Devern’s father managed to maintain his employment given the years of dedication he already had with his employer and the experience he offered but the younger generation of up and coming operators found themselves unemployed.

Since 1993 Devern has been employed as a Journeyman Crane Operator in Alberta. In 2007 Devern took a leap of faith and decided to pursue the Dream he and his father shared since he was a little boy, owning their own crane house.

Devern and his wife Pamela, have supported one another in an effort to build a company with the old fashioned values of their childhood. Values they believe important not only in business but in life as well.  Devern and Pamela believe nothing will ever be better than hard work, efficiency, safety and pride in what you do.

Today with several cranes in their fleet and a good balance of employees and long established alliances in the industry there is no job ABCO can not help with. We provide customers with a safe working environment while being proficient in getting lifts done so customers can move forward with their projects. We are not about wasting time!