ABCO Crane Services feels strongly about the safety of  staff and customers, as such we consider the well being of all persons and property in the vicinity of a job site to be our first priority. Our employee’s are committed to ensuring every job is completed in a responsible and safe manner while maintaining efficiency.

ABCO Crane will do all we can to prevent foreseeable accidents wherever and whenever possible. Maintaining safe working practices that coincide with industry standards and safe practice policies is top priority. ABCO Crane Services follows OH&S standards and is  WCB insured in addition to having well trained and safety orientated staff.

We support an environment of safety with our motto being spoken in the saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  We would rather be cautious than take unnecessary risks for the sake of a few minutes. Our belief is that the safety of all those involved must be our first priority while maintaining a cost effective and productive job completion for our customers.

Support- working together in a supportive hands on way

Accountability-everyone is responsible for safety

Forethought-thinking and planning ahead just in case

Everyonewe are all involved in safe planning

Tolerance –accepting that safety practices are meant to be a part of every job

Yielding –give way to old habits and allow for safer ones